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  • High Rise Pumping
    High Rise Pumping

    As buildings are constructed ever higher, the plumbing systems are becoming more complex. Unibeton outlines a system that can reduce bo...readmore

  • Logistics

    The company has a substantial and growing fleet exceeding five hundred units, consisting of Concrete Pumps, Static Pumps, Placing Booms...readmore

  • Excess Concrete Reduction
    • Daily batch quantity accuracy check
    • Timely communication with customer for right order
    • Quality control in place
    • Minimize returned concrete quantity
    • Total returned concrete <1%
    Recycling and Reuse
    • Return/excess fresh concrete is recycled through mechanical reclaiming system
    • Aggregate of 20, 10, 5mm and dune sand can be  reclaimed and reused
    • Reduce the use of natural resources, carbon emission and disposal waste
    • Waste water are collected and recycled and reused
    Other Recycling Programs
    • Implementing recycling program at office
    • Union paper mills recycling paper bins to separate paper, plastic and cans
    Green Products
    • Various low carbon emission products
    • Self-compacting concrete
    • High strength concrete
    • Durable concrete
    • Flowable fill
    • Structure fibre reinforced concrete
    • Recycled aggregate concrete
    • Pervious concrete
    • Light-weight concrete
    Fuel Efficiency Improvement
    • Monthly fuel consumption plan analysis and reduction solution
    • Tool box talk once a week
    • Purchasing newer trucks
    • Optimized operation speed
    • Fuel management system
    • Fleet management (GPS, Wi-Fi )
    Driver Training
    • Ensure all driver are efficient and adhere to safety norms
    • Established driver training programs on safety, vehicle maintenance and operations, environment and customer care
    • Fully trained drivers
    Fleet Emission Reduction
    • DCL certified trucks (Dubai Region)
    • Truck with model 2007 or newer
    • Reduce carbon footprints
    Value Engineering
    • Strategies and Innovative R&D
    • Green product and system
    • Self-Compacting Concrete
    • Structure Fibre  Reinforced concrete
    • IBB workability  probe - slump  testing
    • Consultancy