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  • The International Strategic Business Development Team of UNIBETON is continuously interacting with several entities from all levels and from all regions of the world.  

    Current strategy evaluating the minimal interest of UNIBETON for international projects, to act as an example: 

    • Project Value : 500,000 m³ of total concrete OR if the concrete volume is not known yet, then a main contract value of 500 Million USD 
    • Project Location: Preferably in GCC, then Middle East and North Africa. The rest of the world is also considered based on the project details and country profile if the volume of concrete matches the above criteria.               
    • Priorities
      • 1st Level of Priority: UAE, KSA
      • 2nd Level of Priority: Oman, Kuwait
      • 3rd Level of Priority: India, Morocco
      • 4th Level of Priority: Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia,
      • 5th Level of Priority: Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia
      • 6th Level of Priority: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia,
      • 7th Level of Priority: Peru, Nicaragua, Angola, Nigeria, Ethiopia
    • Project Type:
      • All types of projects in the “built environment” being (high rise, roads & bridges, dams, ports, energy, oil and gas, residential, commercial, etc.) 
    • Points of Contact:
      • Mr Paresh Parmar, Vice President - Group Operations Management
    • Leverage:
      • UB is technically most capable to prequalify on any RMC project in the world from all aspects.
      • UB has now proven the ability to move into new markets having the know-how (Legal, Commercial, Operational, and Technical) and an experienced track record. 
    • Strategic Factors:
      • Risk free finance models
      • Feasible market selling price 
      • Sustainable long term business and operations environment
      • Availability of reputable international business partners (contractor, client, etc.)
      • Laws enabling / protecting foreign investment
      • Risks shall be definable and mitigated.
      • Stable political environment.